Monday, April 13, 2009

Tango Marketing with Argentina

So, I’m doing the tango in Buenos Aires…. I’m in all black and she adorns a velvety blue … And then I wake up….

In the real world I am helping a prospect look into payment processing solutions in Argentina. As always I started to dive into their marketing efforts and provided some insight that they found useful. So – long story short, I thought I would share some of the conversation here.

The rules to promoting a website internationally are the same wherever you go; create localized content, localized keywords, register local domain names, and then promote it through local search engines, affiliate marketing, online and offline branding and promotions.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns on targeted Argentine websites and search engines is great for immediate results.

The top level domain in Argentina is .ar.

Top search engines:

Google Argentina
Yahoo! Argentina


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